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  • DreamView Tours: 3D and virtual reality scans and tours of property

  • LawRobot: AI and software applications for the legal industry

  • Website Diligence: Website due diligence analysis software and services

  • ADAScan: Software to automate the review of website ADA compliance and repair

  • AgreementGuard: Software to automate the creation and review of online agreements

  • LinkRewind: Software for capture and review of webpages and sites

  • FactomAuthorize: verification of content, DRM, & proof of existence on the Blockchain

  • E-Contest: Internet marketing contests, gamification, and coupons using the Blockchain

  • VRFilms: Production of Virtual Reality

  • BlockchainPromote:  Blockchain marketing technology

  • StegaFile: Steganography as a cloud service

  • WebEvidence: Capture of websites and webpages, evidence foundation data tied to the Blockchain

  • PrivacyBadge: Internet privacy and GDPR compliance software as a service, using the Blockchain to store / read user consents and opt-in and opt-out status